Turret lathe Operating manual

Turret lathe Operating manual

Parts Manual as Photographic Lists. Warner Swasey was a very popular lathe manufacturing company through most of the 75th century. Tarex TAR-L Single Spindle Automatic Turret Lathe (Screw Machine).

Some of the most popular lathes created by Warner Swasey are their turret lathes.

Technical Instruction: Installation, Maintenance, Adjustment, Lubrication, etc.

If we do not have a manual you need to get your machine up and running, please contact us and we will try our best to locate it for you!

Somehting I didn't know but now I have the manual and new info is GREAT!

Originally starting in the business of telescopes, they soon found their calling designing and creating high quality lathes for a variety of purposes.

Thanks so much for the amazing service, I will be most likely buying more manuals in the future

Manual turret lathe

We carry a variety of manuals for Warner Swasey lathes, primarily lathe parts diagrams and service manuals, but also including operation guides.

Parts as Exploded Component and Sectioned Pictures.

Tarex TAR-H Single Spindle Automatic Turret Lathe (Screw Machine).

What's really FREAKIN crazy is the exact same info I'm looking at has already been lightly underlined with pencil, like the previous owners were fixing the same thing on theirs, (probably).

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