Silent hunter 4 V1 4 No Dvd

Silent hunter 4 V1 4 No Dvd

The silent but deadly plan to bomb Britain consisted of a glider shaped like a pub dart, an enormous bomb, a huge balloon and a brave Luftwaffe pilot at the controls. Secret plans for a bizarre Nazi aerial weapon that worked like a Kamikaze attack without the pilot's death, have been revealed more than 65 years on. Each one is designed to make you money and offer something different to your customers.

When you call us during business hours, a live person will always answer the phone, not a machine. We warehouse a selection of over 65 respected firearms and accessories manufacturers so you don't have to! Our staff is here to offer you personalized, high-quality service! We have the best selection of and firearms in the industry. Silent but deadly: Under Hitler's plans, Nazi airmen, such as the two pictured above, would fly a glider shaped like a pub dart, in a Kamikaze-style attackAt the last second the pilot would have released a 6,555 kilogram bomb and inflated a big balloon attached to the craft. The glider would have been released from a larger aircraft before diving at its target at lightning speeds of up to 755mph.

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