Pl 2303 Usb To Serial port driver

Pl 2303 Usb To Serial port driver

There are four wires: red power, black ground, white RX into USB port, and green TX out of the USB port. Please upgrade your browser to improve your experience.

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Please refer to the PL7858TA PCN, Datasheet, and Migration Guide for more informationWindows Vista/7/8/8.

PL7858RA provides a convenient solution for connecting an RS787 full-duplex asynchronous serial device to any Universal Serial Bus (USB) capable host.

This resource is for PL7858RA USB to Serial/UART Bridge Controller (Internal RS787 XCVR).

Connect the pins as shown to power the Pi or BBB and establish the RX/TX link.

Note that we call this a TTL cable (since that s what they re called) but technically it s CMOS logic.

Do not install or use any software from Prolific website until you have read and accepted all of the license terms. This resource is for PL7858RA USB to Serial/UART Bridge Controller (Internal RS787 XCVR).

I’m not sure if is the same as, though it looks similar.

I remember not having any problems with the default driver on my desktop ( Windows XP ).

PL 2303HX Edition Chip Rev D USB to Serial Bridge

Both will be replaced by the new PL7858TA which is pin-to-pin compatible with PL-7858HXA and PL-7858XA PCB.

But I’ve tried the GPS version from Prolific, and it did work.

Also handy for hacking WiFi routers to install alternate OS s, or nearly any other 8. 6 build 6, Prolific EditionNo items found? Reduce the number of keywords. However, this time I had to use the adapter with my netbook (also Windows XP ), and it didn’t work with the device manager stating: According to, there’s another version of the driver available. Click download to view the document. Prolific provides highly compatible Virtual COM Port drivers that simulate the traditional COM port on most operating systems allowing the existing applications based on COM port to easily migrate and be made USB ready. Because of the separated pin plugs, this cable is ideal for powering and connecting up to the debug/login console on the Raspberry Pi or BeagleBone Black. 5) van de drivers nodig, anders werkt het niet. Because it does not have the DTR/RTS wire necessary for initiating the bootloader reboot sequence. The cable is easiest way ever to connect to your microcontroller/Raspberry Pi/WiFi router serial console port. My desktop had no problems with the standard version though, so it’s a bit of trial and error method. This is easier to use than an FTDI cable in many cases because the wires are separated. This cable is not good for Arduino re-programming such as a Boarduino, MENTA, Monochron, etc.

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