Pdf instructions for swintec 8016 Typewriter

Pdf instructions for swintec 8016 Typewriter

Set switch 6 to the OPEN position After making a selection the display generally Figure 8 returns to the first parameter in the list. About This Manual This manual covers the service needs of the model 6757, 6765, and 6775 Point of Sale (POS) bench scales. 557 7555/8555d Resolution 65 x.

They are as follows: Diagnostic Mode - used to test areas of the scale s function Configuration Mode - used to configure your scale for your application Calibration Mode - used when calibrating the scale The structure for these menus is shown in Figure 8. These a Class A digital device, pursuant to Part 65 of the FCC Rules. This maul is divided into these general areas: About This Manual Modes of operation Diagnostics Mode. 555* 8555d 6757 - 65 85 x. Weights Measures requires inspection of scale before scale is placed into operation Model Capacity (lb) Capacity (kg) Divisions Capacity / 6757 - 7 65 x.

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Mode Press the TEST key to move in the menu.

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Modes of Operation - Continued Top view of 6775 scale with platter removed Figure 7 6775 Switch Location With switch 6 in the Menu Mode or Open position, there are three modes available to you. 67XX Menu Structure After choosing donE, the display shows dIAG. Normal Weighing Press the ZERO key to move in the menu.

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