Lisa marie rice nightfire Pdf free download

Lisa marie rice nightfire Pdf free download

Despite his seductive persistence, brainy, beautiful scientist Kay Hudson continues to elude him. However, Nick was a Navy Seal, and an FBI Special Agent, so giving up isn t an option.

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However, with so much to lose, she deserves one blazing night of pleasure with Nick before she disappears forever. The first book in my sexy new series,   HER BILLIONAIRE, is now live! Sprinkle a happy ending on top and you have the perfect meal. - JUST ROMANTIC SUSPENSE Each book in this series  is set in one of Europe s most beautiful cities and the first book,  , is now available for,  It s also available in! Get your copy now! But Nick won t let her face her demons alone. And they will have to face down an enemy that could consume them and the entire world. Find out more. Ever since that incendiary kiss they shared when Nick saved her beloved grandfather s life, Kay’s been having red hot fever dreams about Nick, but she’s got no business being tempted by anything.  Nick Mancino always gets what he wants until now.

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