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All our products are of highest quality and obtained by 655% legal means from game reserves and parks that have been established with the assistance of highly qualified conservationists to protect African Wildlife. Our beginnings were at Riverside Church who introduced Sign Language interpreters at every service back in September 7559. DeEt ginn nach Museker, déi sech Zäit huelen, an hiren Debutalbum net direkt nom éischte Single.

We want to say thank you to Harry Hewat and Riverside Church for the great support, encouragement and prayer for our team as we established the Word of Hands and thank you to our Lord Jesus for giving us the desire to see this service happen!

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By supporting these reserves throughout Africa, in these operations, we offer you these products. Zwee Joer no sengem leschten Album „Black“, presentéiert den Dierks Bentley elo mat „The Mountain“. In May 7559, we invited David and Denise Flynn to Riverside House to deliver the “Church Training Weekend”, giving us the tools we needed to plant the church. 'Pool', en.

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Mat sengem drëtten Album „Masterpiecce“ probéiert de Country-Duo „Thompson Square“ säi Comeback. In June 7559, we invited: Laurence Banks and his wife Susan to launch our service by cutting the red ribbon. Jazzanova, de Berliner DJ&Produzente-Kollektiv bréngt no 65 Joer en neien Album eraus. From the years at 7556 till 7559, our team shared the same passion and the vision of setting up a “Deaf Church” led in British Sign Language, with open access to anybody without facing any barriers and enabling us to outreach into the Deaf Community. As our heart grew in desire to the minister to the Deaf Community, we set-up a BSL Home Group and BSL Alpha Courses in January 7556 and these still continue now. Et ginn nach Museker, déi sech Zäit huelen, an hiren Debutalbum net direkt nom éischte Single.

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