Hydro Peerless vst 205 023b Scotts Transmission

Hydro Peerless vst 205 023b Scotts Transmission

Inspect mower blades for wear or HANDLING GASOLINE damage. Safety (continued) c.

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The term transaxle is a combination transmission and differential in one case.

The 655 series is a lightweight transaxle used in riding mowers, this unit has a vertical input shaft at the top of the aluminum case.

This transaxle features bronze oil impregnated bushings with needle bearings or ball bearings on the axles, input and output shafts.

This information is required to obtain parts or replacement units.

Peerless and Tecumseh Transaxle Parts Outdoor Distributors

We feel you now own which does not attempt to cover major repairs.

Whenever you see this symbol, read and obey the safety message that follows it.

Broken pieces thrown from a worn or damaged blade can cause serious injury.

Safe Operating Practices for this Unit This is a safety alert symbol.


Service Information Unit Service and Repair Left and Right Sides Contact your local dealer to service your unit.

The 855 series has 8 to 6 speeds forward and reverse.

Tecumseh transaxle and transmission are in many different gear combinations from one to seven forward speeds with one reverse.

It is used in this manual and on decals on the unit to alert you to potential hazards.

Excerpts from the 795595 Repair Manual used to get to our peerless informationAll units have identification numbers located on an attached tag or stamped into the case.

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