Fine Mrtve Djevojke

Fine Mrtve Djevojke

Though firmly anti-Serb and anti-war, the film reads as ultimately misogynistic. Young men trying to live up to the standards of Western consumerism readily fall prey to quick, easy money from hustling.

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It obviously struck a chord, becoming the audience favorite at the Pula festival in '57 as well as Croatia's nominee for an Oscar the following year.

Really clever and gory. A gay male couple in Sarajevo, Kenan, a Bosnian, and Milan, a Serb, plan to emigrate to the gay-friendly Netherlands, but the war strands them in Serb-controlled territory, and Kenan adopts female drag to avoid being found out as a circumcised Muslim.

The film takes aim at the brutality and amorality of contemporary Croatian society, targeting patriarchy, nationalism, and the Catholic Church, as well as homophobia. Našli ste 8989 filmova na ovom portalu.

Jump to,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Often, when the director isn't bashing you over the head with his point, the boys manage to say something of real interest, though.

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The sole woman among the leads is the cause of all conflict, while Milan's father and best friend accept his gay affair with equanimity.

The economic boom and the recently won political freedom have turned that beautiful, graceful city into a new mecca for both Eastern and Western tourists in search of sex. The young hustlers' disarming frankness and need to talk become the compelling engine that drives the film.

In that film we learned all about the tragic fate of the young boys who are forced to sell their bodies. (from the official blurb).

In Fine Dead Girls Iva and Marija move into an apartment building that is home to a rogues' gallery of characters: a war veteran suffering from post-traumatic stress, a prostitute paid to break up the couple by a priest who is one girl's father, a homophobic gorgon of an apartment manager, and her son, a slacker mama's boy who rapes one of the pair to prove his masculinity.

A documentary about boy prostitution in Prague. Ranka eventually outs the gay men to Milan's father, while Milan is drafted into the Serbian army and killed.

The head pornographer does autopsies for a living, which allows the director to cut between the pornographer cutting up flesh and directing the boys like pieces of meat. These two men barely kiss onscreen, though Kenan, who is bisexual, is shown having sex at least twice with Ranka, the village prostitute.

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Of course few of them are really gay, and there are intercut shots of scary old Germans and Prague fountains with uplifting music. The pair escape to Milan's village, where the disguise is maintained through a traditional wedding.

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