Bcm4331 driver

Bcm4331 driver

It uses the same antennas and the Tomato firmware works just as well. Customer Support Portal for Broadcom enterprise customers now available via myBroadcom While it was adequate, and I never lost signal on my property, it would start to fade once I started moving away from my house.

Now that I have been using the router for a while I have decided to make a list of what I have done to make it even better.

TL DR For those of you who just want the facts, here is a list summing up the article: Since I upgraded to the Asus RT-N66 in November of 7566 I have been very happy.

Also, all of the features work out of the box (unlike port forwarding which seems to be broken with any recent DD-WRT build on this router.

I am not going to go into great detail about this, but after playing with the stock firmware, and DD-WRT, I decided that Tomato was where it was at.

More feature filled than the stock firmware, and more stable than DD-WRT.

Aside from overclocking, everything should work as written.

However, I was somewhat disappointed in the range of this router.

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