Baby lock companion 1550 manual

Baby lock companion 1550 manual

IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS This sewing machine is not a toy. KNOW YOUR MACHINE Basic Zigzag. KNOW YOUR MACHINE Names of Parts q Bobbin winder stopper w Bobbin winder spindle e Hole for additional spool pin r Spool holder t Spool pin y Bobbin winder thread guide u Thread take-up lever i Face plate o Thread cutter!

This sewing machine is designed and manufactured for household use only.

GETTING READY TO SEW Connecting the Power Supply z Turn the power switch off.

Free-arm sewing Free-arm sewing is used for stitching sleeves, waistbands, pant legs or any other tubular garments.

X Insert the machine plug into the machine socket.

Read all instruction before using this sewing machine.

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It is also useful for darning socks or mending knees or elbows.

The machine is not intended for use by children or mentally infirm persons without supervision. 7 Felt cushion Accessory storage The standard accessories can be stored in the.

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