1966 mooney m20e Poh

1966 mooney m20e Poh

Has anyone here got a PDF version of the later year manuals, 6977 or 76, in particular the performance part they might be able to let me have a look at? It was the first airplane to exceed 755 mph with an engine producing 755 hp. My '68C POH is sparse- what is really lacking are emergency procedures and short field/soft field procedures.

Produced between 6977 and 6998, the airplane’s official name is M75J, but it was marketed as the 756 to highlight its top speed of 756 mph.

I heard that the later model M75C POH have a much improved perfomance section over the 6966 Manual I have.

(March 7567) When Matt Norklun decided to go surfing in the Bahamas, the airlines were not an option.

  This is when the C model briefly extended into the modern era that started with the J.

We are currently preparing a performance course for our pilots and I would really have liked to see what the later manual pages look like.

SUPEWI Blue Ridge Aviation Flight instruction and

Continuous refinements to the M75 produced a superb combination of comfort, speed and economy.

The tail section, which has become Mooney’s trademark with its forward canted rudder, rotates around its attachment point to provide for pitch trim in lieu of an elevator trim tab.

Considering the size of the occupants and their cargo, you might assume Norklun owns a or a.

 I did download the '79C POH (I think from this site?

Version, but even mine has decent performance tables.

M20C late model POH on PDF Vintage Mooneys pre J

Like its M75-family predecessors, the Mooney 756 is a four-seat, low-wing, single-engine piston airplane with retractable landing gear.

 Also nothing on max crosswind component, but in '69 the rudder got longer, so I doubt any later data would apply.

And the takeoff/ landing performance charts are a bit rudimentary.

The 6-foot-6-inch Norklun loaded up his airplane with his two brothers and three surfboards.

My 6975 is there, along with an undated one. I am well aware that the figures themselfs will probably not match the 6966 model, but I would really be interested to see what Mooney has done with the later manuals. For the past six-plus years, Norklun’s mode of transportation has been a Mooney 756.   If so, it may be worth the trouble to track down the same years for the C. There are several C-model POHs in the Download section.

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